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Hey... just thought i'd introduce myself here to all the people out there who don't know me. my name is Lawrence Detlor, and i was at MOP for three years, '97 through '99 (my freshman through junior years of highschool). i'm leaving this morning (!!!) to start what will hopefully be my third-from-last semester at college, at Brown University (it's making me kind of nervous right now!), and otherwise i live in the same Manhattan apartment (so far, at least) as i've lived in since i was 2. let's see... i don't think i'm as much tapped in to olympiad-style math right now as i used to be, since after my 12th grade year started, my interests sort of diverged into various forms of art (as you can see my looking at my journal, especially the "memories" section) -- what would be ideal for me, i think, would be to become a playwright. but i still have all the affection in the world for mathematical concepts, and i love writing poetry in rhyme and meter. i've been thinking about doing a theoretical computer science major at Brown, since i have the hunch that issues of computational complexity underlie all sorts of things in the world. i don't know if i'll have the stomach to go through with it, though, because there are still lots of (what's the opposite of theoretical?) practical comp-sci classes i'd rather not take, if i had the complete choice.

mmm, oh yeah, and i also appointed myself MOP Chronicler of Synchronicity some time back, unearthing such things as the fact that the Coolest Rookie MOP award was won by the fourth-place rookie for (at least) five years in a row, from 1997 through 2001, which is a pattern i just find incredibly stunning and beautiful. i made a guest appearance at MOP 2001 wearing a Harry's Shoes hat, which is how i know landofnowhere, who got me onto this online journaling thing in the first place. anything else? well, enough about me. i'd love to hear about other people on this list, too. keep the MOPping alive for all of us!!
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