Alison (landofnowhere) wrote in moppers,

APMO 2004

For those who didn't take it, the APMO problems are now online. So we can talk about it here now! What did the people who took it think? Hm... that would actually just be Aaron and Nathan, I think, and I already know how the former did. Well, three's a crowd. The APMO does have a (not entirely deserved) reputation for being an "easy little olympiad", but I think the scores will be particularly high this year. I was once again intimidated by the evil inequality, is all I'll say for now.
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I liked it because I hadn't done a timed olympiad in awhile, and it was nice to see I can still do it. It seemed fairly easy, but I still was only able to get the first three. I haven't thought much about four (mainly because I don't know where to start), and I haven't solved five yet, but I'm not sure I've ever actually solved a real Olympiad inequality on a test. I should learn how to do those...

I also wish I had a better solution for number two (I used a lame but reasonably concise solution with vectors).

Uhh maybe I'll elaborate later. Homework to do.
Well, I've never solved a purely algebraic inequality in four years of MOP tests ;-) Although that's splitting hairs, since I'm not counting the cotangent problem that was really Schur's inequality.

#2 was also pretty easy using 1/2 ab sin theta and trig.
How long does it take to get APMO results? It seems like it's been awhile and I'm curious.
I think the top 10 are usually posted in mid-April. If you aren't one of those, you'll just have to bug the AMC or something. I don't know who's grading them, but three years ago Melanie did and offered to let people see how she graded their papers at MOP. I don't know if anyone took her up on that, though.
Hm... well I don't think I'm going to be top ten (I got 21 points at most)... I'll just hope I make it back to MOP this year, and then think about it.