Alison (landofnowhere) wrote in moppers,

The Expanding MOP

Some of you already know that MOP will be expanding to 60 people next year: according to this posting the selection process will be the same as the old MOP, only they'll take an extra 30 students in 9th grade and below. I'm sure this will disappoint a lot of 10th/11th graders who were hoping it would be easier to make MOP, but I think it's a pretty good idea. It'll really change the face of MOP, of course (they'll probably insist on stricter supervision and stuff... oh, I miss my wild rookie days when the staff who stayed up late enough to enforce curfew didn't care about it, and vice versa). On the whole I think they'll pull it off better than they did the 2002 MegaMOP -- the only complaint I have is that MOP is only 3 weeks again. Don't they have the money for a longer program? I know it is sort of tough to schedule it, what with the IMO being sort of early, but MOP ran from early June to early July for years...

Okay, enough of my rant. What do other people think?
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